Services For Italians Residing in Spain

/Services For Italians Residing in Spain
Services For Italians Residing in Spain 2017-09-27T20:18:49+00:00

Rossignoli Law Firm cares about the interests in Italy of people residing in Spain.

Assist those who need a lawyer who speaks Italian in their interests in Italy without having to move from the Costa del Sol.
We can explain to the client, in Italian, issues of Spanish law.

  • Italian issues of people residing in Spain
  • Judicial and extrajudicial assistance in Italy and Spain

  • Collaboration with leading Spanish and Italian law firms
  • Team made up of lawyers and accountants
  • Assistance throughout the whole Italian territory
  • Consulting in acquiring spanish documents
  • Consulting for Real estate and financial investments in Spain

  • Enrolled in practising also in front of the Italian High Court